We serve the entire world ensuring a fast, safe and efficient profession. We access the quality of life for the entire world. We maintain a strong, successful organization, focused on customer satisfaction as the foundation for the continued well-being of our employees, company and community.

Here at Micron, we strive for

“Quality is our Priority”


Micron Group Inc., has two facilities.  Our manufactory is in Europe and our distribution center is located in Paterson NJ.

It has a highly efficient and outstanding multimodal infrastructure connecting you fast to the rest of Europe. Highly skilled and motivated talent, working multilingual is a leading advantage for this part of Europe.

Over the last decades, Micron Group Inc. has successfully built its capabilities and activities into what is now a multinational mature company with a global footprint. Our distribution center will enable our further growth in the next years and optimize European operations to support current and future customers. Increasing the proximity with a custom-designed facility is an essential part of our drive for commercial excellence.

Billy Seker, President of Micron Group Inc., said: “This represents the next and exciting phase in the further development of Micron Europe, on which we can continue to build in the years to come. Driven by an excellent global team, we now have the right fit as a facility which will be close to our customers, delivering quality fastening products against excellent commercial conditions. We will store products that require logistical handling and customized products in small quantities, allowing our customers to keep their inventory levels under control”.