Quality Is Our Priority!

With more than 13 fastener attaching machine models and thousands of fastener products, Micron, has been serving the industry for more then 25+ years behind our slogan “Quality Is Our Priority”. Choose your machine for your production type.

M-500 Fully Automatic Fastening Attaching Machine

Our fully automatic machine primarily used in steady production, has the ability to cut and set with one shot. This electrically operated machine will work on a 24 hour cycle and is equipped to work with 220 volts with the capacity to attach 60 eyelets per minute.


MH-5 Hydraulic One-Shot Large Size Attaching Machine

Our MH-5 Hydraulic One-Shot Fastener attaching machine is primarily the choice of machine in the curtain industry, which has the capability to install large, curtain grommets with a one-step action that punches the hole and sets the grommet all in one simple step. It is built with heavy duty interchangeable industrial dies and is designed to operate with a two button hand safety feature to convenience our customers.


MC-20 Single/Double Cylinder Pneumatic Machine

Our MC-20 Pneumatic Fastener Attaching Machine is available in a Single or a Double Cylinder. This machine is a versatile machine that can handle most fastener attaching projects with its interchangeable die feature. Its unique convertibility allows it to be used in a shop or home setting. This machine has a push button or a foot pedal feature with a built in laser pointer to get through jobs easily. With its adjustable stroking and pressure features, this machine will accommodate industrial dies, this machine will install grommets with a two-step cutting and setting feature, even on your toughest several layered webbing material.


PL-20 Semi-Automatic Machine

Our PL-20 machine is a portable fastener attaching machine that has one hopper to accommodate the grommets to be automatically fed through its unique channeling mechanism built to a standard size. This machine also has a side pocket slot that receives the washers for safely installing your grommets with washers. As it is built to install only one size grommets, this machine can be built to accommodate installation from 1.7 to 3 grommets.


PL-10 Machine

Our portable pneumatic fastener attaching machine is the top choice for the tarp industry as its light weight portability will allow you to take this machine to any job site. It is built on casters so you can work on the floor to install grommets on your heavy duty tarps or banners that are too heavy to lift up. This machine will accommodate installation sizes from 1.7- 4 grommets and can be used with our heavy duty industrial dies for the toughest material installations.


MS-1 Deep-Frame Pneumatic Fastener Attaching Machine

Our MS-1 Deep Frame fastener attaching machine is the top choice for our accessories such as bags, hats and shoes to attach snaps and other fastener products. This machine has a feature of accommodating other dies which makes it transformable. The comfortable workspace this machine allows can get the most difficult hard to reach jobs done with ease.


Tep-3 Hand Held Fastener Attaching Machine

The Micron Tep-3 machine is the machine that bridges the gap between the hobbyists and professionals. The free standing or bench mounted feature of this machine makes it top of the line choice as its deep frame feature allows a comfortable work space and can easily be transported to the job site. The machine is made out of heavy duty cast iron and will last you for years to come. This machine will accommodate all fastener installations up to size #5 grommets.


Tep-1 Machine

Its dependability and affordable pricing makes this machine a perfect entry level hand press machine which is ideal for people who don’t use a large variety of fastener products. This machine is a low cost machine perfect for the semi-professionals that install snaps, rivets, jean button and self-piercing grommets up to size #3.


M-3 All-In-One Fastener Attaching Machine

Our All-In-One, forward pull fastener attaching machine, is less strain full to the arm. This machine will accommodate all installation from our 1.7 grommets up to our #18 curtain grommets including snaps, rivets & jean buttons.


Dep-2, Industrial, Stroking Machine

Our Dep-2, forward pull stroking machine is an industrial machine has a built in spring mechanism to provide an extra force for the toughest material. This machine has the capability of interchanging the dies to accommodate various fastener installations. It has an adjustable stroking pressure level and with a twist from the screw system located on the top of the machine for perfectly applied grommet installations. Our newly engineered lever is designed to reduce hand force required to apply your grommets. The machine is made out of heavy duty cast iron to allow the use for many years to come.


H-1 Portable Hand Pliers

Our portable hand pliers are perfect for touch ups and small jobs.