Micron manufactures and provides a full variety of 304 stainless-steel and nickel-plated brass marine fastening solutions, including grommets & washers and snaps, rivets, buttons and many more to suit the performance requirements of marine professionals. With this wide marine range, we can provide all of the marine fasteners for our customers, saving them both time and money. Customers may be sure that their fasteners will endure marine environments for many years to come as Micron’s stainless steel and brass fasteners follow strict ISO:9001 quality management procedures. Sheet metal grommets with plain, teeth, or neck washers, rolled rim grommets & spur washers, self-piercing grommets & washers, and snap fastener sets are all part of the outstanding durability maritime fastener collection.

Strength & Durability

Stainless steel’s strength and durability in harsh climatic conditions are two of the main reasons marine experts choose it over other metals.


Our beat offering 304 stainless steel grommets with plain washers are best-sellers for marine applications for a few reasons, erosion resistance is most common one. Our plain washers hold the fabric for an outstandingly solid hold, and the rolled edge is an alluring proficient see to the wrapped up item. The environment can truly dish it out. Sun, wind, and rain are fair the starting. The conclusion item, be it an oil boom, deck shade, hail, or fixing adapt, must work appropriately each time it is deployed.

Appealing Appearance

Marine grommets & washers and other fasteners maintain their appealing modern appearance with minimal upkeep since stainless steel is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.